The Angel-maker

by Michal Mareš

Translated by David Short
Introduction & afterword by David Short

First published in Prague in 1922, this dark concise novel by Michal Mareš (1893-1971), set in the Czechoslovakia of his day, explores, with anarchist undertones, the place of women in society.

Mareš is described as having developed from an early age a "dangerously profound sense of truth, justice and human freedom" (Pavel Koukal) and under Communism he became the first Czech whose writing led to expulsion from the official writers' union, the Syndicate of Czech Writers, followed by seven years in prison on political charges

With an introduction and afterword by David Short, Teaching Fellow, Czech and Slovak, University College London.


There is much in [The Angel-maker] that is timeless, not only the crucial matter of the political and social arguments for or against abortion but also the way in which the book engages our sympathies as ‘modern’ readers.”

— Alex Went, The Prague Post

[The Angel-maker’s] parallel bilingual format provides a distinct advantage as a self-help teaching aid for students of Czech language and literature, who may learn a great deal from a variety of stylistic registers Mareš uses in this compact, versatile and accessible novel.”

— Andrei Rogatchevski, The Toronto Slavic Quarterly