Carbide (signed limited edition of 100)

Carbide (signed limited edition of 100)


Limited edition of 100 signed by the author.


'fast-paced tragicomedy which establishes the young author as Ukraine’s modern-day Voltaire.' - Kate Tsurkan, LA Review of Books



CARBIDE explores the underbelly of the Ukrainian smuggling industry. The protagonist, Tys, a merciless yet loving parody of Ukrainian nationalism,concocts a hairbrained scheme to dig a tunnel from the imaginary western Ukrainian city of Vedmediv to Hungary and force the European Union to grant

Ukraine admission by smuggling its entire population into a member-country. Hilarity inevitably ensues, along with danger, when Tys, the would-be ‘Moses of Ukraine’, recruits a gang of local smugglers, including a latter-day Icarusdetermined to fly over the border and a femme fatale who traffics humanorgans.


This timely novel offers a funny, yet tragic take on increasingly urgent topics such as the meaning of borders, nationalism, and European identity.