City of Torment by Daniela Hodrova

City of Torment by Daniela Hodrova


City of Torment will be available in selected book stores in the UK and other online outlets from 17 November, its official publication date. Order it now and get it delievered, postage free by the beginning of October.


620 pages


French flaps


An intoxicating, personal journey through 1,000 years of European culture where history’s losers bite back.


City of Torment is, on one level, a family and generational novel, conveyed through the complex voice of a first-person female narrator whose subjectivity becomes elaborately intertwined with the main protagonist, Eliška Beránková (Lamb). Eliška/Daniela is searching above all for her dead father, but also for her dead mother and ultimately for herself. At the same time, on a more abstract level, Hodrová introduces a feminine structural dimension to a theme especially prevalent in 20th-century prose – the novel as a self-conscious genre, openly exploring the relationship of the author to her text. Hodrová’s trilogy represents a distinct contemporary Czech voice in women’s experimental writing, a genre first introduced to anglophone readers by Virginia Woolf.


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