Sub-Carpathian Scandal

Sub-Carpathian Scandal

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As we come close to celebrating our 10th anniversary in the end of March, we are very proud to announce the first themed collection of three books, specially chosen to get us to Spring with a smile on our faces.


The collection cosnsits of 


Carbide by Andriy Lyubka is 'fast-paced tragicomedy which establishes the young author as Ukraine’s modern-day Voltaire,' according to  Kate Tsurkan, writing in The LA Review of Books. 


Big Love by Balla. 'I do worry about the people who like my writing' Becasue there's usually something wrong with them. Then again, I can't imagine life being even slightly agreeable without people who have something wrong with them' - Balla on Big Love


Gaudeamus by Richard. The unloved wife of a doctor practising in Slovakia comes across his medical notes after his death. One ‘unofficial patient’ has severe problems coming to terms with the disappearance and murder of his childhood sweetheart. Set in Slovakia from the mid-1970s onwards, historical fact, murder, loss and mourning combine delicately in a tale of love, loss, redemption and joy.


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