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Summer Satires 2023

Summer Satires 2023


Three of our funniest titles for summer


For reading on the beach or safely away from that sort of thing, these three titles will raise a smile, make you cackle and laugh out loud.


'Three Plastic Rooms' by Petra Hulova

'Big Love' by Balla

'Carbide' by Andriy Lyubka


'Three Plastic Rooms' features and derranged prostitute philosophizing about the emptiness of materialism, and amiong other topics: child porn, menapause and her role in her own imaginary TV show...


'Big Love' features a deluded, befuddled, middle-aged male narrator who believes he is an author, though it isn't clear whether he has been published.... who is adored by an intelligent, kind and generous woman who eventually realises that she is wasting her... 


'Carbide' is the nickname of the central character who believes Ukraine can join the EU quicker if all its citizens migrate in secret to Hungary through a tunnel he plans to construct... set in a time before little green men, annexation and invasion when Ukraine was merely a kleptocracy with a dangerous neighbour.

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