And My Head Exploded

And My Head Exploded



  • And My Head Exploded

    Tales of desire, delirium and decadence from fin-de-siècle Prague

  • Translated by Geoffrey Chew

    "Geoffrey Chew's excellent translations manage the impressive feat of rendering these writers' combination of overripe succulence and austere archaism in an English that's both ornamental and fluent." - The Times Literary Supplement (Friday) 13 September 2019.


    Julius Zeyer Inultus: A Prague Legend

    Božena Benešová Tale for All Souls‘ Day

    Božena Benešová In the Twilight

    Miloš Marten Cortigiana

    Arthur Breisky Prose Poem, after Félicien Rops, Mors syphilitica

    Arthur Breisky Confession of a Graphomaniac

    Julius Zeyer El Cristo de la Luz: A Toledo Legend

    Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic The Legend of Simon Magus

    František Gellner My Travelling Companion

    Richard Weiner The Empty Chair: An Analysis of an Unwritten Tale

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    ISBN 9780993446719

    SIZE (W x H) 127mm x 203 mm

    EXTENT 200 pages

    PUBLN DATE 25 October 2018

    CATEGORYShort stories, Literary fiction, Horror