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Back to the Future, literally - Special offer

Back to the Future, literally - Special offer


Jantar's first two SF novels packaged together and sent postage-free, world-wide. The first ever SF titles written in Czech and Slovak.


1. Newton's Brain by Jakub Arbes. Translated from Czech by David Short


A genius and trickster, apparently dies at the Battle of Königgrätz in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. However, he has not died and instead is able to procure the brain of Isaac Newton to replace his own. Subsequently, he uses Newton's knowledge of the laws of nature to overcome them, using a strange device to travel faster than the speed of light, and also to photograph the past. Newton's Brain was published 18 years before H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, and has been considered a strong influence on Wells.



2. The Science of the Stars by Gustáv Reuss. Translated from Slovak by David Short


Written in 1856, ten years before the publication of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, Krutohlav and his friends set off to explore the solar system in a mototised ‘dragon’ powered by gunpowder taking with them many kinds of sausage, cheeses, pickled cabbage and wine.


Krutohlav, a country gentleman from rural Central Europe sets off to explore the solar system. His first attempt to travel to the moon in a balloon ends in failure after crashlanding in the Egyptian desert. Instead of giving up, Krutohlav builds a new craft powered by gunpowder and travels with his neighbours around our solar system. These are his collected memoirs.






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