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Mothers and Truckers

Mothers and Truckers


‘The remarkable monologues that the protagonists pour out into the void, spurred by the ignorance and indifference of the outside world, demonstrate Dobrakovová’s literary qualities and remain firmly imprinted in the reader's mind.’ - Magdalena Bystrzak,


‘Ivana Dobrakovová’s Mothers and Truckers could just as well be renamed Five Angry Women.' - Lenka Macsaliová, Knižná revue,


‘A brutally honest and shocking work that offers an intimate insight into the lives and thinking of women.’ - Zavřelová, Casa del Libro


‘You feel that you’re not reading short stories but rather a flowing, continuous narrative with the individual stories linked by place and tone in a kind of choir of distinct voices. The language is uncensored and often rough, tough and certainly obscene, but this obscenity is anything but vulgar, in fact assuming the literary function of communicating the most intimate truths.’ - Alessandra Mura, translator’s afterword to the Italian edition


‘Dobrakovová's sentences are sweeping, torrential internal monologues: hers is a prose of gradually mounting drama, about oversensitive and vulnerable women unwilling to submit to the roles assigned to them by fate. They continue to battle on, while we can only keep our fingers crossed for them.’ - Sándor Zsigmond Papp, Könyvterasz, October 2020

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