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Three Plastic Rooms

Three Plastic Rooms



  • Three Plastic Rooms by Petra Hůlová

    Translated by Alex Zucker
    Introduction by Peter Zusi

    A foul-mouthed Prague prostitute muses on her profession, aging and the nature of materialism. She explains her world view in the scripts and commentaries of her own reality TV series combining the mundane with fetishism, violence, wit and an unvarnished mixture of vulgar and poetic language.

  • Praise

    'The reader’s enjoyment will partly depend on her ability to tolerate the profusion of baroque anatomical euphemisms, which also include “cuckoos”, “little yellow birds”, “slipper-inners”, “soft-shell lobsters”, “Cyclops eyes” and “muffins”. If Hulova employs these terms, along with the strategic use of Slavic diminutive forms, to draw uncomfortable parallels between the ridiculous, banal and sinister aspects of desire ...' - The TLS

    Frighteningly honest”

    — A. M. Bakalar, LA Review of Books

    A notable achievement”

    — Maria Dimitrova, Times Literary Supplement

    One of the most important authors writing in Czech today.”

    — Dr Peter Zusi,
    UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

    Wonderfully rough, gloriously evil language”

    — Die Zeit

    An extraordinary and memorable read from beginning to end […] A Must for the personal reading lists for anyone that appreciates a unique and especially well crafted novel.”

    — Wisconsin Bookwatch

    One of World Literature Today’s Notable Translations of 2017

  • More info

    by Petra Hůlová

    Paperback, 200 pages
    ISBN: 978-0-9933773-9-6
    21 November 2017

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